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Puppy Must Haves

These recommendations are based off us and our dog's experiences over the last 10 years of breeding. We have tested many products and settled on several fail safe favorites. Affiliate links are eligible for commission.  

Puppy Bed

We love the bolstered, cushioned beds for our littles to relax in. Easy to wash!


We recommend buying a medium size crate with a divider to grow with your pet as they do.


Our puppies are weaned off mom onto Purina Pro Plan Puppy and have done very well on it!

Snuggle Puppy

Transitioning to a new home can be very stressful and scary for your new puppy. We recommend the heartbeat, rice pack snuggle puppy. The rice pack can be heated up and inserted into the stuffy to create a warm, comforting snuggle partner with a life like heartbeat.

Chew Toys

Your new puppy will be teething when they arrive at your house and you will want a generous assortment of chew toys for them to use to prevent them chewing on your furniture, chews, etc. These are some of our tried and true favorites.

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