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Shipping/Hand Delivery Information

Here at Arikaree River Kennels, we prefer that you pick your AKC Registered, French Bulldog puppy up directly from us or have us hand deliver to you. In the event that we need to hand deliver/ship, you will be required to pay all fees associated with travel costs at least twelve days prior to your puppy being shipped.

Hand delivery by the seller to MOST United States locations will be $600.00 (US Dollars). If the seller is unable to hand deliver, a trusted puppy nanny of the Seller’s choice will escort the puppy and this could require an extra fee.

Puppies who require transport via airplane will be flown IN CABIN with either the Seller or the trusted puppy nanny. All documents and health certifications for said puppy will accompany the Seller or transport. Puppy will never touch the ground without a potty-pad underneath and will be kept safe and warm and AT ALL TIMES.

Puppies are ready to be picked up or delivered USUALLY by eight weeks of age. On rare occasions, a puppy may be held longer if the Seller believes they need to stay with mom a bit longer. The Seller will do what is in the BEST INTEREST of the puppy.

Puppies will be properly weaned and eating solid food before they leave our kennels. They will also come health checked, vaccinated, and wormed for their appropriate age level. All puppies will be paid for IN FULL and picked up/delivered by ten weeks of age.

If for any reason the Buyer cannot take the puppy by ten weeks, the Buyer will pay the Seller $15.00 (US dollars) per day to board the puppy until they can pick it up. This cost reflects housing, food, and care provided by the seller each day. UNLESS we, the Seller, are holding the puppy back to make sure it has reached at least 4lbs and/or is fully weaned and thriving. If this is the case then no boarding fees or forfeit of deposit will be imposed.

EXCEPTION: Puppies needing transport to most non-US locations cannot be shipped before 16 weeks of age. For puppies being shipped to non-US locations an agreed upon boarding fee will be added to the cost of the puppy. This fee will based upon the length of time the puppy is to be cared for, USDA requirements needed for export, and vet expenses.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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