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Nuvet Plus & Vaccination Protocol


NuVet Plus

We have been using NuVet Plus for many years now and have seen a great improvement in our dogs coat, joint movement and overall heatlh. We begin our puppies on them as soon as we can and offer an extended health warranty for families who continue to use it throughout the pet's lifetime.


NuVet Plus® Heals & Protects your Pet From: Allergies, Skin and Coat Problems, scratching, Itching, Biting,  Hot Spots, Seizures, Arthritis - Joint Problems, Stress / Anxiety, Premature Aging/Low Energy, Diabetes - Liver Problems, Cancer (many types), Cataracts, Cushing’s & Addison’s Disease, Tumors, Digestive Problems, Tear Staining, Urinary Incontinence, Heart Disease, Safe /Natural /Water Soluble (easy on the stomach)


*A tasty chewable wafer given daily as a treat.  *People are surprised at how quickly and easily it works!   Also… Helps KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY throughout its life by strengthening its immune system!– Not available in stores –



8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday-Friday

Call 800-474-7044Order Code:  814632or Order Online at



Vaccination Protocol

Our puppies will be kept current on standard vaccination protocol while in our care. We give their first 5 way Spectra vaccination at 6 weeks old. They will need another one at 9 week, 12 weeks and a Rabies at 16 weeks old. We also De-worm and preventatively treat for coccidia with Safeguard and Toltrazuril at 2/4/6/8 weeks of age.  

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